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How to Write a Blog

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

My first Blog. Okay so what should I write and talk about? What is a blog? (I look it up).

It seems blogging is a form of online writing where I can share my thoughts, opinions, experiences, and knowledge with a wide audience. Is that what you want?

It says here that as I am a beginner, I should start by publishing content that my readers will find interesting and engaging. Well, maybe not today. I am going to find a lot of that in the future as this blog evolves.

Blogs typically consist of text, images, Here's one ...

It is a 1979 Fiat 2000
My first image. Me and my car, a 1979 Fiat 2000

There should be videos too. You'll find those elsewhere on this site and also in future blogs. Links to other websites. Ohh! Here is a link to my radio station Memory Lane Radio

Yep, I can do all that. Right now I am pausng to read a little more of the 'Idiots Guide to Blogging'. It says here that 'As I am someone with a long and successful career in TV and radio, I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I should share with you'. For FREE?

Here are a few things I am going to put together over the foreseeable future.

  • Behind-the-scenes stories from my time in the biz.

  • Personal reflections on my journey and what I've learned along the way. (That'll be good stuff)

  • Tips and advice for aspiring TV and radio personalities. (That will be invaluable.. and given time, who knows, maybe valuable).

  • My thoughts on current events and trends in the industry.

  • Recommendations for books, podcasts, and other media that have influenced me.

  • Hopefully all this will mean that we cam build a strong relationship and I can become a trusted source of information and inspiration for you.

Well that is pretty much it. I am so looking forward to reading it. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long. If you were thinking about writing a Blog too then my first attempt might be useful to you.

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