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Radio Shows

Lets keep radio alive!  Free to download radio shows, audio clips, and features for your radio station or show.  There is a new FREE radio show every Monday


About the Shows:

Why is this free? I have been fortunate enough to have had a long successful career in radio, spanning over 45 years.  Radio is fast become lost in a time of Spotify, Youtube Music and other platforms. Thankfully we have community and internet radio stations breaking through but it is still tough, especially on the pocket. Right? Here is where I am hoping to give back to those who love radio and wish it to survive. - Nino Firetto

  • - I am delighted to host these radio shows, focusing on music and packed with entertaining facts related to the subject matter.

  • - Each show has a total length of 58+ minutes, divided into three parts, with each part concluding on a music track allowing you to fade to time.

  • - Explore the track listing by clicking on the music note symbol next to the download button.

  • - No commercials or sponsors are mentioned during the shows.

  • - The shows are generic and suitable for any time. Despite the thematic elements, they are not tied to specific calendar events although they can be used for them making the shows versatile for any day or date.

  • - Example: The Irish Theme (featured in March) had Irish bands and fun facts of the emerald isle. It was perfect for St Patrick's day yet made no reference to the day and could be played anytime.

  • - A new show is added each week on Monday and remains available for a while.  The show will gradually move down the page over time before eventually being removed.

  • - You can access images of me, Nino Firetto, from the website (below) to enhance your webpage's profile presence.  A new show will be added to the top of the page every Monday and one will be deleted.


Need an extra show?  These are available for just  £6 or US$ equivalent 

For track listings click on the musical note 

For track listings click on the musical note 

These images of Nino Firetto may be used on your webpage to promote any of the shows you may be using.

Nino adjusting his ears.jpg

Introducing 'The Time Capsule'! This feature is under 2 minutes long and provides a daily dose of history, famous birthdays, and fascinating facts. Updated every Sunday.
Download it directly from our 'Bit's n Pieces' page where you will also discover an assortment of music beds, sound effects, news, and comedy clips.  The page is on the menu above or click here.

Nino on a chair.jpg
Nino Firetto with his hat on.jpg
Nino in Colorado.JPG

To download this audio, you may be asked to provide your email address. This is to ensure that I can keep you updated on any new content that becomes available. Rest assured that all shows and content provided are free of advertisements and can be utilised as frequently as required. Please don't forget to credit Nino Firetto. Thank you! 

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